Career Counselling
WEC offers counselling services to students and assist students to identify suitable careers and therefore choose courses that are aligned with this careers. We at WEC also psych educate students on new careers that are emerging and that might be of interest to students.
University placements
WEC assists students in university application, and follows up on all required letters from the university. We also advice students on various exams that need to be taken prior to university application depending with the course and country of interest.
Pre-departure briefing
We understand that most travelers or students are travelling for the first time, we therefore give travel advice to both students and individuals relocating abroad on required vaccinations, currencies, banking, accommodation and any other relevant information before travelling.
Immigration Support
WEC offers immigration support to students and persons wishing to apply for visa to travel abroad for studies or work. We have a team of immigration consultants that will take you through your visa application process and advice you on required documentation. For students, we offer this service as part of the university placement.
Travel arrangements
WEC assists students or persons travelling abroad with flight bookings, accommodation support and airport transfers.
Airport transfers
WEC helps arrange both local and international airport transfers for individuals, students and groups.